Boosting green education at school is an Erasmus Plus strategic partnership (October 2020-2022) to promote green and environment education at school.

Euphoria coordinates a partnership composed of fours scientific organizations (The Science Zone – Italy, Digital Idea – Greece, AHHAA – Estonia and Descubre – Spain) and four high schools (Liceo Vittoria Colonna – Italy, Music High school of Larissa – Greece, Elbert Einsten Institute – Spain and Tartu Jaan Poska Gümnaasium – Estonia).


The main objectives of the project are:
-prepare teachers to include and integrate environment education at school and develop their competencies and methodologies in developing hands-on and interactive activities, that sparks imagination and unlocks innovation mindset;
-exchange practices between formal and non formal education (schools and scientific organizations);
-enhance experiential learning outside of the classroom to enable students to make connections and apply their learning in the real world;
-promoting an interdisciplinary approach linked to STEM when incorporating environment education in the curriculum;

-make students more enthusiastic and engaged in learning STEM and develop their skills, like critical, creative thinking, investigating, civic skills, the capacity to create interconnections of social, ecological, economic and political issues.

The expected results are the following:
-organization of 4 learning-teaching-training activities (one in each country) to share the best practices and compare methodologies over environment education among teachers and experts working for scientific organizations. The organizations will try to address these problems (human pollution, water pollution, climate change etc) from an experimental scientific point of view, using information from scientific publications and through the setup of replicable experiments.
-As a result of these LTTs, we will select 20 activities to help engage learners with practical lessons in STEM focusing on real-world challenges within the natural environment. The Scientific organizations will produce activity sheets with step-by-step procedures and guidelines to replicate such laboratories at school. The activity sheets will be collected within a “Report on best practices to introduce green education at school”.
-In the meantime, teachers and students of the partner schools will be called to work at distance creating the etwinning page of the project. Students will work in a virtual collaboration and will create 5 video tutorials explaining and replicating the 5 activities proposed by one organization. We will have 20 video tutorials in total.
-We will create implement a strong dissemination strategy to enlarge the beneficiaries of the project. In addition to the local dissemination promoted by each partner, we will create a Youtube Channel for the video tutorials as well as a page on Scientix to promote the results.


You can see the video tutorials we are creating on our Youtube channel: Boosting Green Education at School – YouTube

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Activity sheets with experiments in English: Activity sheets_boosting green education

Activity sheets with experiments in Italian: no available yet

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Activity sheets with experiments in Spanish: no available yet