Cued Speech is a 2-year Strategic Partnership (2020-2022) which aims to promote Cued Speech, a very simple technique for the hearing impaired to use with their families, friends, trainers, and teachers. It is a lip-reading accompaniment technique allowing them to understand spoken language, when used by the majority of people around them.
The partners of this very challenging projects are the Association pour la Langue française Parlée Complétée (Belgium), Logopsycom (Belgium), Istituto dei sordi di Torino (Italy), Katolicki Uniwersytet Lubelski Jana Pawla II (Poland) and Fundacja ARTeria (Poland).


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 466 million people worldwide have a disabling hearing loss, 34 million of which are children. The president of the European Federation of Hard Of Hearing people states that the cost of untreated hearing loss is estimated at 178 billion euros per year, due to the social isolation and challenges preventing the hearing impaired from getting access to quality education and thus to the labour market.

When they do have access to education, many of these children are immediately directed towards special education, which might be needed at the very beginning and for the most severe cases, but can also hamper their capacities and prospects for the future in the long run. According to the European Coalition on Hearing Loss and Disability, attending mainstream education with early cochlear implantation allows 44-66% of deaf students to attain age-appropriate reading scores.

Thanks to this project, we would like to create the following project intellectual outputs to support the development of proper adaptations:

O.1 • Booklet on “The Cued Speech method and its advantages”

O.2 • Online Training Module – Coding part

O.3 • Online Training Module – Decoding part

O.4 • Downloadable exercises for practice

O.5 • Collection of 100 flashcards


All the available results are uploaded on our website: CUED Speech Europe

So far, the booklet on the Cued Speech and it practice and the training module on Cueing are ready to be used.

More results will come soon.