Empower teachers to trigger work-based learning – eWBLearning



eWBLearning (Empower teachers to trigger work-based learning) is a 30-month project (October 2018-March 2021) funded by the Erasmus Plus Programme.

The project idea grew up in Italy, where the coordinator Associazione Nazionale Presidi is very active in defending the role and promoting work-based learning experiences at school. Associazione Euphoria is project partner together to Fetico (Spain), Institute of entrepreneurship development (Greece), Provincial Education in Flanders (Belgium), the Bulgarian Development Agency (Bulgaria) and the Cork Institute of Technology (Ireland).


The partnership strongly believes that the quality of work-based learning (WBL) is crucial to help students connecting their learning with the world of work, developing employability skills that employers search for, building their enterprise capability and making more informed choices about their career options.

As a result, this project aimed to create an EU model/scheme (Work-Based Learning Teacher Training Model called eWBLearning) to be promoted all over Europe, able to settle the minimum training requirements necessary for teachers, headmasters, trainers and mentors in both school and work-based settings in view of their continuous professional development.

More specifically, the project wanted to reach the following objectives:

  • improve the capacity development of the schools and training institutions that should implement WBL paths/programmes;
  • improve the provision of better guidance on skills and competencies;
  • develop the entrepreneurial mindset of school staff to create partnerships between schools and businesses to promote work-based learning;
  • develop tutoring and coaching skills in teachers;
  • identify in the learning paths competencies to be acquired through non-formal learning and create a framework to recognize them;
  • introduce systematic approaches for the long life professional development of teachers and educators and students;
  • develop efficient work-based experience within the schools.

In 2021 we finished the creation of the eWBLearning platform which is now open to everybody wanting to learn!

The Work-Based Learning Teacher Training Course (IO1) is a specifically designed and developed training path built for teachers, headmasters and trainers. The training course is composed of:

– 6 main learning modules (1 introduction and 5 learning modules);

– Additional readings with downloadable pdf documents and videos;

– Test Your Knowledge section with self-evaluation quizzes;

– Teachers Corner which contains best practices of the teachers working at/with the partner organizations and dealing on a daily basis with work-based learning activities or with traineeships.


The access to the e-learning is via a landing page (see below) which includes details of the project, details of the partners, links to partner websites, contact details and news sections with the description of the projects and small articles concerning the project activities.

Go to the landing page: https://www.ewblearning.eu/

Click on the tab “e-learning”

You will be redirected to the Moodle log-in page: https://www.ewblearning.eu/moodle/login/index.php

Empower Teachers to Trigger work-based Learning – 2018-1-IT01-KA202-006843 e CUP G84D180001300