Extending the Boundaries in Education



ExBEdu is an Erasmus Plus project (2021-2023) coordinate by the Odda High school (Norway). The other project partners are the Gymnasium L.T. Chalkis (Greece), High school Llopis(Spain), Gaziantep high school (Turkey), Kedainiai High school (Lituania), and the Gaziantep University (Turkey).


The staff of the partner organizations face many challenges. They need more efficiency in terms of curriculum adaptation and innovative teaching methods. They need to gain competence in distance education models so that students trainees and learners who cannot be trained face to face due to the global coronavirus outbreak, do not leave education. They also need to develop their skills in modern teaching approaches for their professional careers. The necessity of learning and specialization in the use of digital tools, which are indispensable for digital education models, brings new needs to teachers and trainers. Today, for quality education, they must take on the challenge of adopting new generation teaching methods and developing new teaching skills to effectively reach a wide range of learners. Now,in order not to disrupt the education of the students and other learners who have to stay at home under pandemic conditions, it is necessary for them to acquire the skills of digital learning, e-learning and distance learning.

Instead of tackling these challenges, some teachers and instructors find traditional methods they are used to risk-free and may seem reluctant and confused when they need to improve their competence.

With this project, we want to make it easier for them to develop their skills and help them get out of their comfort zone to deal with the challenges they face.

We will make the professional development of the participants our main aim. We want to support them in learning to use digital education models, the latest web2tools for teaching. We hope these gains will occur through the exchange of good practices among partner organizations. 

Another objective is to develop the competences of the education staff  n the higher institution in the partnership who train teacher trainees especially to use innovative digital methods of teaching and learning and enriching the teacher training program within this framework by observing different practices regarding digital education.

 We also aim to build up innovative teaching competences and expertise of the educators who provide training courses for teachers who are also adults. With this partnership a European network will be created between partners and this will contribute the development of the quality in education around Europe as there will be an intersectoral exchange of good practices which adviced by the program.

To ensure quality improvement of practices, we want to enable the participants to experience the benefits of connecting research to practice and provide them with tools and skills to use research in their daily work.

Therefore, innovative practices in a digital era will be our main focus.

We expect to make the participants gain new achievements through training, collaboral learning and the exchange of know-how, and experience while working practically on common good practices. By carrying out the change process in an empowering and engaging way, we will promote a culture of lifelong learning in all partner schools for sustainable development.


Project results will be available on the website (still under construction).