Gamification of Digital Learning


GDL is a 2-years project coordinated by a Belgian organization, LogoPsyCom with the aim to integrate innovative approaches best suited for online learning, and support teachers in using tools to keep their learners engaged and competent. The other partners are Euphoria Net Srl – Italy, Colegiul Tehnic Mihai Bacescu – Romania, IMS Private School – Cyprus and Technikum Informatyki Edukacji Innowacyjnej – Poland.


The project aims to foster secondary school teachers’ and educators’ competencies in gamification for an engaging, inclusive and high-quality digital teaching and learning experience.

By developing a methodology and giving practical examples and guidelines to support teachers in using gamified online practices, the project’s objective is to enable all students to participate, improve their skills and enjoy the learning process.

We will develop a set of resources and tools, translated into 6 languages (EN, GR, RO, FR, IT and PL), to support and guide teachers to reproduce gamified material in order to engage all their students and diverse classroom needs.

– a Compendium of Methods for Gamification in Digital Learning, that offers a definition, a literature review and experts’ experiences of existing approaches of gamification in digital learning.

– a Technical toolbox which gathers 40 online resources, tools, platforms and software that allow gamification and is recommended for teachers and educators.

– an eLearning course for teachers and educators to train and support their competencies in gamification for online education.

– 15 Pedagogical sequences, providing pedagogical application and examples of lesson plans using gamification tools for online learning (synchronous and asynchronous).

– 30 Explanatory tools sheets to share specific knowledge and all the necessary information for the application of the gamification tools and techniques, so that users be able to reproduce the learning experience.


Follow the results directly on the project website Gamification of Digital Learning (