Implementation of Interactivity and multimediabased content using Multiple Devices in Adult Education – INTERMEDIA


(InterMedia) is a 2-year Erasmus Plus project (2020-2022)

The partners of the project are the Austrian coordinator European Initiative for education, Brainlog (DK) and the Youth Association of Ilha Terceira (PT).


The projects aims at exchanging experiences and developing digital skills, especially in the multimedia area and the use of multimedia devices when delivering training courses.

But, what are multimedia devices?

This term includes desktop PCs, laptops, notebooks, Chromebooks, tablets, covertibles and smartphones.

They enable the use of technology enhanced trainings with an implementation of multimedia-based and interactive (M&I) training materials. This sounds simple – the problem is the delivery of content so that it is displayed (and can be used by the trainees) on all types of devices.

It is key to take them into account when creating online experiences.

Another issue is the creating of high-quality multimedia-based and interactive (M&I) content – especially in smaller Adult Education organisations. That is why we will analyze several educational websites, and will give you practical suggestions on how to take the most from them.


Many results are already available on our website: InterMedia Project » InterMedia Project (

Here you can dowload our report and studies: Downloads » InterMedia Project (

Under the tab “Multimedia tools”, you will find the analysis of the several tools we have been testing, with examples and tips and tricks to use them.

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