FlashMind – KA2 Strategic Partnership

Flash Mind is an innovative Strategic Partnership (December 2019- November 2021), which aims to be the first European platform offering personalized learning paths for the student and customizable by the teacher based on the principles of adaptive learning with a strong emphasis on the tools used by visual and sequential pedagogy methods.

These learning paths will be devoted to reading comprehension, mathematics and science. They will combine learning sequences based on the child’s level and skills and training series using a custom designed flash card library. These learning paths will promote memorization by offering the student a series of contents until the complete success of the objectives set by the teacher.

The partnership is composed of two French partners, the coordinator Edulog and Les Apprimeurs, Logopsycom (Belgium), Pitesti University (Romania) EELI (Greece).

The project intellectual outputs are:

  • The Adaptive Learning Platform
  • 60 Visual and interactive model lessons
  • 3,000 FlashCards
  • 20 Practice sheets
  • The Project White Paper

More info of the project on the website: Learn, evaluate and review effectively | FLASH MIND

For more information on the main topics, please read the following articles:

Flashcards: A tool to facilitate learning – Logopsycom

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