Empower teachers to become sustainability managers at school

Sustainability managers @ school


Sustainability managers @ school is a two-year project (2021-2023) funded by the Erasmus Plus programme. Euphoria Net is the coordinator and will work together with other 4 partners: Formethic (France), Logopsycom (Belgium), Smart Nest (Latvia) and Europe for You (Czech Republic). In addition, each partner will have to select an “Ambassador school” to implement jointly the project and showcase the results produced over the project.

The partners are all experts in Corporate Social Responsibility and the creation of educational tools.


The general idea behind this project is to develop a “whole-school approach” to sustainability.

That is why we would like to provide schools, especially high schools, with a set of tools and knowledge to facilitate such a process and their evolution into “green-sustainable schools”.

The process to embrace sustainable principles and good practices is often been linked to class projects or single activities promoted by very active teachers. Such actions represent very positive practices but at the same time lots of energy and limited results.

The “whole-school approach”, very much popular in Australia and US, aims at creating Sustainable Schools communities, where all the school took together moves in the same direction: implementing a “School Sustainability Strategy”.

We understand that for schools sometimes could be challenging to implement all the activities that we will propose, but the main idea is to start thinking of Sustainability as an overall school strategy, regardless of the number of actions put in place by each school.

As any given strategy, it will need to be coordinated, developed, and monitored. As a result, we expect that this approach is firstly endorsed by the headmaster. Secondly, we believe that he/she will need to be supported by a manager, or better said, a Sustainability manager at school.

The role of sustainability manager is becoming among the top searched professions in Europe and internationally. Project partners believe that it is time also for European schools to act in this direction and assign such roles to their staff.

In the project, we are going to create a benchmark analysis and materiality report to base our work on a genuine analysis incorporating the real needs of schools; e-learning to prepare teachers regarding sustainability and what it really means in practice; last but not least, a model and tool-kit to developing a sustainable strategy at school level.


All project results will be available on the project website (still under construction): https://www.school-sustainability.eu/

You can follow our activities on the Facebook Page Sustainability Managers at School – @SustainabilityManagers