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Alliance for multilingual and multicultural competences for teachers project



The partnership of the Alliance for multilingual and multicultural competences for teachers project (LINGO +) (2020-2022) is compsoed of Italy, UK, Hungary, Portugal and Turkey.

The partners are:

-Amolingua – Coordinator, UK

-Euphoria Net, Italy

-Krystal Digital (UK)

-COFAC University (Portugal)

-Budapest Metropolitan University (Hungary)

-IAAD (Turkey)


The LINGO+ project’s objectives are:
making plurilingual and intercultural education an explicit general aim, treating all teaching of and in languages (including languages of schooling) as a single process, encouraging teachers to work closely together, and attaching equal importance to openness to languages and cultures, communication and (inter)cultural competences, learner autonomy, and cross-cutting competencies;

-creating a set of tools to support the language teaching sector in implementing bilingual and plurilingual classes. All the outputs are thought to define learning paths to develop teachers’ competences in view of integrating plurilingual lessons, taking also into account the intercultural aspects of languages.

– Another key beneficiary of the project will be the students themselves. We believe that in order to foster employability, socio-educational and personal development, as well as participation in civic and social life, multilingual competences are brought into the front and center in the project. This would include actions of cooperation with players in the research and innovation sector and within civil society as well as in the private and public sectors. Multilingual and multicultural competencies are key factors for being active citizens and empowering people. Moreover, promoting game and project-based activities helps supporting skills to be transferred in work situations.


As soon as project’s results will be ready, they will be available in the website:  Lingoplus

At the moment we are developing video lessons on multiculturalism and multilingualism, and a tool-kit to implement developing such activities in class. Such results are available here: Lingo+ (

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