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Virtual Reality application training for school lessons



The “Virtual Reality application training for school lessons” project is a 2-year project (2020-2022) to develop a virtual application training based on 360° videos for use in vocational orientation in school lessons.

The partnership is composed of the coordinator Studio2B from Germany, 2 partners from Italy (one organization – Euphoria Net and one school) and Turkey (one organization and one school).


The main objectives of the project are:

– improving the quality of vocational orientation at schools and complementing existing measures with virtual reality application training;

– strengthening digital competencies of teachers;

– strengthening competencies in the vocational orientation of students and promoting key qualifications for their career entry.

With the VR application training, students can learn the basics that are important for a successful application and prepare them for their entry into professional life.

Schools are provided with an innovative technology that complements existing vocational orientation measures and can be flexibly integrated into lessons.

At the same time, teachers expand their skills in dealing with digital teaching units. Through this innovative approach, schools will also have access to modern technology without having to make major purchases and adjustments to the existing technical infrastructure (Internet connection, purchase of hardware and software).

Through the use of virtual reality and 360° videos, students are put in a realistic application situation and learn what needs to be considered for a successful application. With the help of VR glasses, they explore the real inter-view environment and accompany an applicant through the different steps of a job interview, from the greeting and self-presentation to the question.


You can access the e-learning directly on the project website:

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