Green Workout

Green Workout is a 2-years project coordinated by a Czech organization, Europe For You, to promote sustainable sports activities among young people, especially those poorly integrated or with fewer opportunities. The other partners are Euphoria Net Srl – Italy, and METIS GENCLIK IN KULUBU CONTROVERSY DERNEGI – Turkey.


The project aims to foster awareness about a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle. This is especially aimed at the young and disadvantaged ones, as they are our future and hold our planet in their hands.

Therefore, we will promote outdoor sports activities that not only have a low environmental impact as much as possible but also enhance the planet’s condition and boost social inclusion.

Secondly, these workout plans aim to motivate young people to a life characterised by healthy eating as well as healthy, participative, and conscious activities.

The ultimate goal will be to raise a community of young people’s awareness and critical thinking on environmental and health issues.

The project intends to organise three training activities for the young in the three partner countries.

  1. Pilsen, Czech Republic: it will focus on outdoor exercise techniques, prevention of unwanted movement patterns, the use of local resources for sports nutrition, diseases of civilization, the development of critical youth thinking and carbon footprint reduction.
  2. Rome, Italy: this training regarding the basics of healthy eating, the use of appropriate organic food sources, the integration of disadvantaged youth into sports activities and the development of critical thinking of youth.
  3. Izmir, Turkey: aims at motivating young people to carry out outdoor physical activities, choosing a suitable local organic food source, recycling, packaging of food supplements and Ten Commandments of the green sport.

In addition, thanks to the project, an online platform dedicated to 30 free green workouts will be created, i.e. a collection of examples, descriptions, tutorials and tips on how to do physical exercises outdoors while respecting and protecting the environment, with the intention of also leaving it in a better condition than it was found.

Furthermore, on the platform, we will provide a free methodological guide for coaches reflecting the potential of young people in an ecological approach to sports activities and supporting the social inclusion of young people.

Throughout the project, the partners will endeavour to reach out to a wide audience of young people and sports associations to involve them in physical and online meetings to raise awareness of the environment and sport as a means of social inclusion.


As soon as the first results are ready, they will be published on the project website (still under construction).